Transition to Retirement

The step towards and into retirement can be attractive to some and for others quite scary. Whatever the circumstance, forward planning is essential.

Hender Careers guide and coach people (individuals and groups) who wish to review their life activities – in work and beyond. Whether it’s more balance or variety you seek, a change in job structure or career direction, looking to spend time in different meaningful ways or just simply unsure what you want in work / life this service is flexible.  Together we can explore essential areas for reflection, planning and preparation; dealing with career phases, challenges and opportunities in transition from one ‘state of being’ to another!

  • Identifying transitions and phases in work, leisure and life’s many options
  • A view to the future – identifying and understanding personal / professional vision, goals, motivators and preferences for change
  • Putting in context – establishing priorities, dealing with a possible sense of ‘relevance deprivation’ or re-defining meaning or purpose in your life
  • Importance of planning and organising the essential pillars for transition:
    • Finances – including super
    • Career / work options – phased retirement or ‘cold turkey’
    • Leisure activities
    • Relationships - family & friends
    • Ego, identity and status
    • Health & wellbeing
    • Spirituality & meaningful activities
  • Contingency planning – if circumstances change through forces outside one’s control – work or personal