Employee / Participant Info

We create 'peace of mind' for management, employees, job seekers and life stylers. Our specialist services and consultants are recognised for their care, interest, capability, empathy and quality guidance and coaching.

Benefits and elements of individual programs:

  • A confidential and supportive process
  • Versatility and flexibility guaranteed - a personalised, sequential and timely approach
  • Alignment of program content to individuals
  • A highly credentialed career consultant and coach
  • Enhanced confidence, clarity of goals, options, opportunities and pathways regarding jobs, market trends, networks, life balance or professional development.
  • A customised targeted resume and marketing document/s, such as cover letter, responses to criteria, LinkedIn profiles and biographies
  • Contemporary knowledge of the employment market, transferability of skills, re-training, and alternative career options
  • Sounding board to brainstorm alternatives and ideas – testing against an impartial and experienced specialist
  • Access to a rich bank of resources
  • 'Peace of Mind' through support customised to meet diverse needs

Thank you for the help and advice. I have received very positive feedback about my CV from several employers and have been offered two jobs and had a third interview for another. In the present climate (actually, in any climate), I consider this great success. Your involvement gave me a lot of confidence.

Tony - Program Participant - 2020

Thanks to both you and Paul for all your assistance. Both me and all the other guys that have used your services are hugely grateful. I saw a few guys’ mindset completely change. They had a huge amount of anxiety and uncertainty of what the future may hold, your team gave them reassurance and the confidence to try new things and chase leadership roles. 

Andrew - Program Participant - 2020