Interview Coaching

Interview capability and confidence can be a ‘make or break’ part of a recruitment process. We can assist job seekers to leave interviewers and panel members wanting to go to referee checks as a final stage in your appointment, through support in:

  • Essential preparations – including research & understanding the business, context and job on offer
  • Interview questions – examples and rehearsal of different types, FAQs, left fielders – being prepared
  • Interview structures and styles – one to one, panel, casual conversations, presentations and tasks
  • Managing nerves and connecting with interviewer/s, impression management
  • Feedback and follow up – what was learnt, how to leverage to advantage, referees
  • Resources, prep sheets and example questions to assist in preparations

The ‘diamonds’ in my experience that you identified and polished meant that I could better prepare for interviews and promote the best of who I am. This process was instrumental in me finding a new confidence in myself during a time when it all seemed lost.

Andrew - Program Participant - 2020