Performance Review and Development

Development programs are available for leaders, managers and supervisors to upskill them and give them confidence in managing performance and performance discussions. Difficult conversations and constructive strategies for performance improvement or career enhancement are essential elements of an effective leader’s / manager’s tool kit.

Individual or group coaching or workshops are customised to client and need.

‘You get what you tolerate’! What are you tolerating? What’s about you, what’s about ‘them’, ‘what’s about context’? Let us help you and your staff unravel that.

Especially tailored and ‘off the shelf’ 360-degree review and performance tools are available.

The ‘diamonds’ in my experience that you identified and polished meant that I could better prepare for interviews and promote the best of who I am. This process was instrumental in me finding a new confidence in myself during a time when it all seemed lost.

Andrew - Program Participant - 2020