Career Change and Development

Our services assist clients and their employees, or self-funded individuals, who seek a change in their career / job, as they have known it, or due to a change in professional or personal circumstance.

Feeling ‘twitchy’, at a cross-road or no longer as satisfied or motivated as you would like? If so, it is time for reflection, review, perhaps development of new goals and a plan for change of some sort. Let us help you / your employee create clearer thinking, understanding and a pathway forward to that desired state.

Hender Careers are specialists in this. 

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You are truly amazing! Thank you so much for this wealth of information and resources. Thank you for all your support, especially the recent documents you developed in record time!   Truly appreciated.

Sylvia - Client - 2020

For now, many thanks for your kind, proactive and hugely helpful support. It has been really valuable.

Paul - Program Participant - 2020