Mature Age Transition

With many driving motivations to work to an older age, sustainable long-term careers and employment is an imperative. For those who find themselves unemployed or no longer capable or motivated to do ‘what you know or have done’ transitioning to other employment opportunities can be very challenging.

Hender Careers can assist in that transition. Knowledgeable, creative, well connected and pragmatic, our consultants can devise with individuals, strategies and tools that ‘cut through’ to employers and alternative streams of occupation or interest.

For certain, you’ll need a contemporary resume / CV that speaks the ‘right’ language and represents you well – we are the best! We will tailor to your / your staff needs.

We can help you find the way forward.

Thank you for your guidance in preparing me to enter the job world again and assisting me in getting my CV up-to-date. I was successful in obtaining the EA role applied for back in March and commenced with them this week. Again, thank you for all your help.

Karen - Program Participant - 2019

Just letting you know that I have secured a casual position …... I didn’t really know where & how I would start looking for a new job at my age so your help has been invaluable, so a massive thank you for your time & all your advice which I’ve really appreciated. 

Lynley - Program Participant - 2020