Change Management

Change is ever present, but in spite of our familiarity with it, it still challenges leaders and managers to manage it well and individuals to ‘get onboard with it’, see opportunities, focus on what they can control and influence and feel empowered through positive thinking and action.

Hender Careers are very experienced in working with clients, managers, groups and individuals to ease the way and provide constructive guidance.

Concept planning, communication strategies and planning, implementation planning and doing, managing the ‘people’ side of things, whilst also considering systems and processes, legal obligations, policy and procedures can be complex. Experienced third-party involvement through Hender Careers can help to provide the scaffolding, safety net and an ‘outsiders’ perspective that can add real value to managing in a VUCA world!

We also provide workshops for Managers and Employees in Managing Change and Uncertainty – to prepare and skill them for the discomfort and adjustment that may likely result from change, whether incremental or transformational change.


Thank you so much for this morning's LinkedIn workshop. It was brilliant and has given me so many ideas and a sense of 'I can do this!' The support that Paul, Michelle and Jenny have given me is amazing, thankyou.  

Jacinta - Program Participant - 2020

We had a visit from Michelle Bentley yesterday who presented this course to staff.

I wish to commend her on her brilliant words of wisdom to be uplifting and inspirational.  I walked away from the meeting wishing I could have listened to her for longer and that I had the same outlook on life that this lady has.

She inspired me to try and improve myself.  I feel I want to embrace this change rather than remain caught in a rut and feeling helpless.

Please thank her for her time and inspirational words on my behalf.


Melinda - Program Participant - 2019