Outplacement and Career Transition

Hender Careers understand the diversified and unique requirements of businesses in transition and the flow on effect for managers and individuals. We are intimately aware of the dynamic nature of industry and business and the evolving needs of a contemporary workforce. Our loyal clients come from every sector and industry group.

We provide a range of tailored services to align with various scenarios:

  • Employer funded programs or individually sought private programs
  • Budgets
  • Timelines - protracted change processes and closures or short and swift interventions
  • Tiers of responsibility - Directors, CEOs, executives, senior managers, supervisors, technicians, professional staff, administration, blue-collar, production and unskilled workers
  • Different circumstance / change programs / scale or volume projects
  • Re-deployment, realignment, retrenchment, retraining, retirement, re-establishment
  • On-site, on the day support following announcement of role or structural change
  • Onsite - Career Centres - catering for large numbers over an intensive period of days, weeks or months
  • Briefings and preparation of Managers and HR
  • Construction of supporting plans, communication strategies and documents
  • Managing change, employee engagement & resilience workshops
  • Re-grouping, rejuvenating, redefining new team or organisational culture, succession planning
  • Reviews and evaluations, skills audits and gap analyses
  • Individual programs or in group workshops or presentations

Corporate Clients

Typical support programs generally selected
Training and Development
EAP / Support Services

Private Individuals

Services offered on an hourly basis
Employee / Participant Info

Thank you very much for your time to meet with me yesterday and the review of my CV. I found it extremely beneficial talking with you and your insight and compassion for my situation was much appreciated. 

Mary - Program Participant - 2020

Thank you for doing up my resume. It is fantastic. I’m definitely glad I got in touch with you and got things moving. Greatly appreciated. 

Adam - Program Participant - 2019