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Employee Assistance Programs

It has been well documented that the personal issues and struggles of employees can have a dramatic impact on their job performance and productivity.

This of course can then lead to an escalation of costs for organisations due to increased absenteeism and presenteeism levels, along with worker’s compensation claims.

It has been estimated that absenteeism due to mental health issues cost Australian businesses A$4.7 billion per annum (or 1.1 million days’ sick leave). The annual cost of presenteeism is $6.1 billion and compensation claims resulting from mental health conditions are estimated to be approximately $146 million a year.

Contrast these figures against the return on investment for employees – PwC research has found that every dollar spent creating a mentally healthy workplace can, on average, generate a return of A$2.30.

It is therefore essential that organisations have an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at their disposal.

Hender Careers design organisation tailored programs to improve the wellbeing of employees through professional counselling and related organisational support services.

Many EAPs tend to be reactive, phone counselling services. However, at Hender Careers, we deliberately employ a differentiated and personalised approach in dealing with mental health and wellbeing within the workplace, with a focus on the provision of proactive educational and preventative resources and support.

As well as providing personalised counselling for employees on a range of issues outlined below, whenever required, we also provide regular on-site visibility and workshops to staff and / or managers on a range of wellbeing related topics.

Our goal is to effectively partner with our clients to ensure that a greater awareness of mental health and wellbeing practices become embedded in an organisation’s culture, therefore instilling greater confidence in both managers and employees to be able to address and deal with any potential issues before they become too problematic for both the individual and the organisation concerned.

Hender Careers EAP and support services are provided by independent, professionally qualified and experienced counsellors, mediators and psychologists.

Thank you again, Michelle.  Couldn't have come this far without your advice, assistance and support.  Mean it sincerely.

Saras – Program Participant - 2020

For now, many thanks for your kind, proactive and hugely helpful support. It has been really valuable.

Paul – Program Participant – 2020