Metrics for Resumes

Metrics for Resumes

Published on February 8, 2021

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/metrics-resumes-paul-bell


In order for your resume to stand out from the crowd, consider using metrics when describing your key responsibilities and achievements and how you have previously added value to your employer.

The human eye apparently processes numbers faster than words so the correct use of metrics in a resume should give it greater depth and clarity and assist in differentiating you from other applicants.

The four main metrics to consider detailing are as follows:

Growth – outline what you added to your organisation to help it grow. This could involve discussing revenue, number of new contracts, deals, sponsorships signed , new employees hired etc. Example: “exceeded sales budget by 22% for 2019 financial year” or “successfully closed 5 major deals resulting in over $500k in revenue”.

Reduction – outline what you helped your organisation save. This could be measured in time, budget, employee turnover, etc. Example: “successfully negotiated new contract terms with key suppliers, resulting in an annual savings of $150k”

Impact – outline how many people your work has helped. This could include outlining number of clients or accounts managed, number of employees that have been effectively supported, trained or mentored, number of stakeholders that have been engaged in a project, etc. Example: “Oversee daily warehouse operations for a team of 50 staff”, “successfully executed a multi-faceted online marketing campaign that had in excess of 100,000 hits”

Frequency – outline how often you completed various tasks. Key tasks that are performed on a regular basis can attest to a greater level of proficiency. Example: “Selected to chair Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetings on a bi-monthly basis” 

Numbers can make a big difference to the overall effectiveness of your resume so its worth taking a bit longer to think of the appropriate detail required to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.

Good luck!

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Metrics for Resumes

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