Feeling Twitchy about your current job? Not sure whether to seek and apply for another job or not?

Michelle Bentley, General Manager, Hender Careers


Twitchiness, disquiet, frustration, distracted thoughts, questions of ‘what else’ and is this ‘as good as it gets’ are all signs it is probably time to take some action about your current job.

A first step may be to talk with your manager, HR or confidential colleague to bring external and objective perspectives and thoughts to your considerations. Other internal opportunities may be identified to address your concerns and lead to greater job satisfaction. Or it may become evident it’s time to see ‘what else is out there’!

Nervous about that – take a deep breath, be courageous, carefully considered and remember there is no harm in trying and applying for roles of genuine interest. It is good practice in tailoring applications, interview prep and can be confidence building. Also, it is often the case that people don’t get the first job they apply for.

It can take a while to:

-     Identify a job of interest
-     Apply, be short listed and interviewed
-     Secure it – get a job offer.

If you are offered another role – it is empowering:

It gives you choice – stay where you are / as you are, negotiate for some change to your role / salary - or leave! You are in a better negotiation position with your current employer when it is known someone else wants you!

If you are not offered a role with an external company or organisation after several attempts – you may need to adjust your strategy and reassess market trends, your priorities, capabilities, career expectations and goals.

But taking a proactive approach to managing your career will ultimately reap rewards. So, do take responsibility and control of your destiny, identify some clear career goals / interests, connect with other professionals in your field, seek advice from 'those in the know' and act on your plan. Don’t leave your career and job satisfaction solely in the hands of other people!

Remember, until someone actually offers you a job (that you want) – everything is speculative and a possibility only.

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