10 Critical Factors for a Thriving Organisation

How thriving is your organisation?

The overarching facet of Purpose and three additional key facets – Autonomy, Mastery and Connectedness - are considered essential in some regard for individuals, teams and leaders.

A validated Motivation theory, Self-Determination Theory, formed the basis of a recent survey developed by behavioural science consultancy Inventium for AFR BOSS, which they used to determine Australia and NZ’s best workplaces, across 10 different industries. Refer Financial Review Boss - Best Places to Work – how Award Winners are Picked. (Dr Amantha Imber) 21 April 2023

These elements provide worthy reference points for all workplace individuals, managers and leaders. They could form a handy base for your team discussions and organisational review.

Is anything missing, from your point of view and experience?

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