Kath Shaw (Qld)

Head of Career Transition / SHK

Kath Shaw, in partnership with Hender Careers and SHK, delivers high-value, tailored career transition and outplacement services, taking a skilled and sensitive approach to helping individuals.  She has a genuine interest in helping participants develop their careers, and provide unbiased, independent and constructive counsel.

Kath, along with her team, have successfully worked with a broad range of professionals from many large Australian companies across metro and regional Australia and New Zealand to provide both outplacement and redeployment support for either one-off departures or large-scale transitions.  Her skilled and proactive approach to working with people leads to successful quality outcomes.

Hender Careers and SHK are both values-driven companies with a supportive, encouraging and respectful culture that reinforces the importance of the work we do each day in making a difference to people’s lives and the success of our clients.  Kath’s caring, empathic and wise guidance reassures and facilitates enhanced confidence for people in transition.